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Summer Internship Opportunity - Mobile Developers

This summer take your skills to the next level!
We are inviting applications for the Mobile Development Internship opportunities open at Yuztech. Candidates applying first will be given priority. Its an exciting opportunity for students or fresh candidates looking to get great work experience by working on world class apps and world class team.



Experienced iOS and Android Developer Required - Part Time Opportunity

We need experienced iOs and Android app developers to work with us on part-time basis (4 hours a day). You should be familiar with 3rd party api integration and great logic building skills. You should have: Passion for mobile: You're up to date on the latest trends in the iOS ecosystem and you consider yourself a thought leader. You know all the release rumours and you sign up for early access for everything Apple announces. Innovation: iOS & Android give the developer a lot of freedom to create truly unique user experiences. You're always looking for the next way to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with on mobile devices. Performance: You understand that a hundred milliseconds of delay can be the difference between a delightful and a frustrating user experience. You can dive into the internals of iOS libraries to understand why your code is not running as fast as you expect. Delivery Focused: You love seeing your work pushed to the App Store. You know how to navigate the app submission process, and have run beta test programs before. You strive to submit your next iteration on your app immediately after the previous submission gets approved, all the while never sacrificing quality. Teamwork: Many of the problems we encounter require insight from many parts of the business. Your ability to coordinate and communicate is essential to our success.



For all above job(s), Please Email your resumes to to be the part of talented team of professionals.


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