Distributed Web Application

Like every physical product out there in the market, software is also a products that passes through a series of steps before getting fully operational, all these steps combined would be its developmental life cycle. In the current age of internet the benefits of SDLC can never be over emphasized. Not only it ensures a systematic method of developing software it also helps in avoiding any hap hazardous outcome, ensures cost effectiveness and finally producing efficient software to serve the user.

distributed web application

The life cycle can be broken down in a few steps and each step has its own benefits. It begins with Plan and Analyze which is the most important phase of SDLC because the entire project depends on the needs identified in the planning phase. Then there is a Design phase which is important because of prototype testing for the purpose of doing any required modifications in the software design beforehand.

Implementation and Testing phase ensures that the product is defect free if any defects are found they are removed on the spot. In the last phase of Deployment and Maintenance if all the phases mentioned above give a green signal then the project is deployed. Maintenance requirements can be pointed out afterwards.

Our strategy for development

Continuous monitoring is done to ensure that execution is aligned with the planned activities and feedback is also taken from management to ensure compliance with standards. It also becomes time efficient and if defects are found they can be quickly eliminated at that stage without waiting for rectifying them at the end of the lifecycle.

Quality Assurance

A Quality check is undertaken at each phase to ensure defect free software, one that fulfills the desired needs with lowest maintenance requirements. If all steps are carefully accounted for it ends up in satisfied and loyal customers.

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